About us

SSCOM was conceived as a mutual project of a father and son who love spending time together. Ever since my son was just a kid we found that we extremely enjoyed the real things. We both love nature and spending time outdoors. We also love trains (particularly live streaming), sports (hiking, basketball and running), talking under the stars for the things that matter.

While he was young, I frequently answered a ton of questions, mainly ‘why’, ‘what’ and ‘how’ as he was exploring the world and eager to learn how it unctions.

Together we started live streaming. It turned out to be a great hobby for both of us. It kept us together, making plans for upgrading the tracks or improve the locomotive. It also brought us great joy. We grinned ear to ear every time we rode our small train or met other live streaming enthusiasts.

That reminds me how we jointly bought our first train. It was a second hand purchase, but for this purchase my son emptied his piggy bank (he must have been 8 at the time) and gave his entire life savings to help buy the train of his dreams. My poor boy had only about $200 but willingly gave them all and proudly received a 50% stack in our new Thunder Railroad. This was one of the most significant moments in our lives.

We, father and son, started making our dream train come true. I will tell you more in the blog. But for now let me just mention how many other things we did together.

We loved dribbling. I installed a hand made basketball ring on the back side of the house and more often than not, we spontaneously started playing.

Every once in a while we put our shoes on and went hiking in the near woods.
I taught him how to light a fire without matches. How to tie a rope. How to build a shelter.

Now, when he grew up and went to work in a corporate job, I like to remember the good old times, and write about our adventures and hopefully the old man could teach you a trick or two.