Best US live steam clubs you can join and what to bring when visiting

If you are a live steam enthusiast, then you probably are familiar with many of the other railroads in your area. But have you thought about visiting the railroads in other states or even I other countries? Well, surely traveling and visiting new railroads and live steam clubs could definitely be beneficial. You can exchange experience and share or receive new ideas by the other people who enjoy your hobby. You may think that you know just about anything there is to know about live steam railroads, but surely there are other people who have at least as much experience as you, and you can learn something new from them too.

waterproof bootsAnyway, it is a great idea and a lot of fun to pack some warm clothes and comfortable waterproof boots and hit the road. No two railroads are absolutely the same, so every new one is likely to be a fun experience.

My experience shows that the majority of the hosts are truly friendly and welcoming, so your visit to new railroads can actually lead to new friendships and future collaborations as well.

Plus, many railroads are located amongst great scenery, so will be able to enjoy some incredible views while visiting them and enjoying your ride.

You may find some of the railroads which have bridges, signals, trestles, tunnels and bi-directional running, which is always an amazing experience for the true enthusiast.

Here are some of the most highly recommended railroads around the US according to number of railroad fans:

Bitter Creek Western Live Steam railroad in Arroyo Grande, California. It is a private railroad with a 7½” – 6300′ gauge and mainline track. It can be visited after prior contact has been made.

The Eagle Point Railroad is located in Dunlap, Tennessee, and is another private railroad with a 7½” gauge and a length of 12000′.

The Maricopa Live steamers railroad is the railroad to visit if you are in North Phoenix, Arizona. It is actually a railroad museum, with a 7½”, 40,420′ track, plus an additional non-mainline track of 33,500’.

Another excellent destination you should visit is the Train Mountain Museum, which holds the largest number of Cabooses, a snow removal collection, as well as interesting tank cars, speeders and flat cars.

The Willow Creek railroad club is definitely worth visiting too. It is located in Brooks, Oregon and has a 7½” – 5575′ track. It has a museum and a wide variety of amazing trains and features.

Overall there are more than 400 railroads in the US which are officially listed, so make sure to take a look of the lists for a particular state or area when you are planning your trip. 

If your favorite live streaming club is not listed here, let us know in the comments below!

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