The top 5 best toys for big boys

Looking for the best toy for your boy? Well, the options are limitless. We have tried to sum up what we think the best toys for big boys for 2016 are.

  1. The Syma X5C 4 Quadcopter Drone with a HD camera

With drones becoming more and more popular, this particular model is perfect for a gift for a newbie. It has a 2MP HD camera and is very easy to fly. The drone has a unique look, and can perform perfectly due to its modert 6 axis gyro system and the 360 degree eversion function. Best of all, this model costs under $50…

  1. The Atomic RC Barbwire self righting RC boat


This relatively small-scale remote controlled racing boat is an amazingly powerful one nevertheless. It looks great and is responsive and really fast. The motor is a 2950Kv Water Cooled Brushless Outrunner with a 30 amp Water Cooled ESC. The radio is easy to use and has a receiver for long range operation. The boat can reach a speed of up to 25 miles per hour, and has a self-correction function to keep it steady and running. The price is under $150 but it definitely will make your big boy truly happy.

  1. The Xbox One Forza 6 Limited edition 1TB bundle

The new 1TB Xbox One has long been anticipated by gamers around the world, and now you can get it along with the brand new Forza 6 Motosport game. If your boy is a fan of the game, this is definitely going to be the ultimate gift for him. The console with a 1TB hard drive and a custom wireless controller comes with a full download of Forza Motosport 6 and a code for the anniversary car pack. Plus, it is the only console where your boy can play Halo 5 and the Forza

  1. Fire HD 6 Kid tablet

tabletAmazon’s Android tablet customized especially for kids is difficult to break due to the special kid case it comes with. But no worries, even if your boy drops it, Amazon will replace it for free within the 2 year guarantee. It has a 6 inch HD display and front and rear cameras. It comes with unlimited access for 1 year to Amazon’s kid friendly content, and has parental control s which will allow you to limit your child’s access or content. The price is about $150.

  1. A rideable live steam train

If you want to invest into a long term (possibly lifelong) hobby for your small or big boy, then you should consider getting him a rideable live steam train. They are expensive, and in most cases are collectibles, but you can build your own railroad and keep improving it and adding new parts to it all of your life. These locomotives and trains are actually very precise models of old trains and prototypes. They are made of the same, high quality materials, and have engines. Best of all, you can ride them on your own railroad or go to parks and join clubs where other fans share their railroads

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